Friday 7 November

2.0-2.30                Gather in Alnwick Room for tea and cakes

2.30                        Move to Northumberland Room: Welcome (Eddie Jones and Topher Martyn) and introductions

3.0                          Syon Abbey: 600 years in 20 minutes (Eddie Jones)

3.30                        Medieval Syon: liturgy (Ann Hutchison, Tekla Bude, Delia Sarson)

4.30                        Thomas Betson’s Herbal. Presentation and book launch (John Adams and Stuart Forbes)

5-6.30                    Wine reception and guided tours of Syon House

7.15                        Dinner at Atash Persian restaurant, The Old Fire Station, Brentford


Saturday 8 November

9.30                        Tea/coffee in Alnwick Room

10.0-11.0              Reading and writing at Syon (Veronica O’Mara, David Harrap, chair: Sue Powell)

11.0-12.0              Tea/coffee

11.30-1.0              Syon people (Vincent Gillespie, Virginia Bainbridge, James Clark)

1.0-2.0                  Lunch

2.0-4.0                  Syon and archaeology (Harvey Sheldon)

4.0-4.30                Tea/coffee

4.30-6.0                Syon, print and protestantism (Brandon Alakas, Philippa Earle, chair: Alex Walsham)


Sunday 9 November

9.30                        Tea/coffee in Alnwick Room

10-10.30               From Syon Abbey to Syon House (Topher Martyn, Stuart Forbes)

10.30-11.30         The Wandering years (Liz Goodwin, Victoria Van Hyning)

11.30-12.0           Tea/coffee

12.0-1.0                Beyond 1594 (Eddie Jones, Carmen Mangion, Caroline Bowden)

1.0-2.0                  Lunch, and depart