Workshop 1: Syon Abbey at Syon House

7-9 November 2014, Syon House, Brentford

This is the first in a programme of events to mark the 600th anniversary of the foundation of Syon Abbey in 1415.

Workshop 2: Syon in Lisbon

20-22 April 2015, venues in Lisbon

The Syon community was resident in Lisbon between 1594 and 1861. Part of the workshop will be based in the former convent buildings, now part of the University of Lisbon, and there will be visits to related sites.

Workshop 3: Continuity and Change in the Birgittine Order

21-24 July 2015, Dartington Hall, Devon

The Birgittine order, over its more than six centuries of existence, has seen many changes, all against a backdrop of religious, political, and social upheaval and change. This workshop will discuss Syon Abbey from 1415 to 2015.